Koji Hara Ya-Dake

Blade Material CowryY Stainless Steel
Handle Size 10.6cm    Overall Length 19cm Weight 74
Handle Material  SUS316Stainless Steel/ Black Lip Pearl
accessory Pouch
2006 model 

product ID numberFkh013

price: JPY187,200

Every hand made knife is a unique product. For this reason, if you request a similar knife to one that has already been sold to a customer Knazis Knife will ask for your patience as they expertly produce a similar product.

Koji Hara logo

 Facts about Koji Hara 9

On each one of Harafs work, you will see his signature as well as a logo which features the Pirarucu. Termed living fossils, Pirarucu are a fish found in Amazon rivers, that have hardly evolved for a hundred million years. Fully grown adults can be as large as 4 to 5 metres, and are considered one of the largest fresh water fish in the world. The number of the Pirarucu has reduced dramatically in recent years, and they are now a protected species under Washington treaty/agreement. The inspiration for the Pirarucu came when his home town friend gave him a sculpture of Pirarucu as a celebration gift. Hara has since resolved to become No 1 in one genre of custom knife design, with the Pirarucu as his logo. The sculpture of Pirarucu is still watching Hara from the wall of his work shop, Knife House Hara.


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