Blade Material CowryY Stainless Steel
Handle Size 8cm   Overeall 13c.9m   Weight 62
Handle Material  SUS316Stainless Steel/ Black Lip Pearl
accessory Pouch
Black lip pearl inlaid into the back side of knife
Bolster   Hand Engraving

product ID number: kh006

price: JPY 208,000

Every hand made knife is a unique product. For this reason, if you request a similar knife to one that has already been sold to a customer Knazis Knife will ask for your patience as they expertly produce a similar product.

 Facts about Koji Hara 6

Harafs motto and theme for his professional life is to express himself succinctly in a mere two lines, a line on the front and one on the back side of each knife. People often comment that his knife can easily be distinguished from others by Harafs two trade mark curvy lines that flow though the front and back of the knife. Hara challenged himself to his limit in designing the very best lines for his latest work called gAzuminoh


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