Blade Material CowryY Stainless Steel
Handle Size 10.5cm    Overeall 19cm Weight 85
Handle Material  SUS316Stainless Steel Solid/Abalone
Abalone inlaid into the back side of knife
accessory Pouch

product ID number: kh003

price: JPY 286,400

Every hand made knife is a unique product. For this reason, if you request a similar knife to one that has already been sold to a customer Knazis Knife will ask for your patience as they expertly produce a similar product.

 Facts about Koji Hara 2

Hara does not use a sanding machine, he polishes each individual piece manually. He polishes with #320, #600, #1000 and #2000 cloth papers followed by #2000, #3000 and #8000 diamond pastes. This is the reason for the absorbingly beautiful lustre produced on every knife. As a proof of his confidence that no one can perfect his masterful skill he keeps no secrets about his process and openly publishes it.


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