Blade Material CowryY Stainless Steel
Handle Size 6.2cm    Overall Length 10.7cm Weight 35g
Handle Material  SUS316Stainless Steel/Gold Mother ofPearl
accessory Pouch
2004 model  

product ID number: kh017

price: JPY116,800

Every hand made knife is a unique product. For this reason, if you request a similar knife to one that has already been sold to a customer Knazis Knife will ask for your patience as they expertly produce a similar product.

Koji Hara Working

 Facts about Koji Hara 1

Harafs blades are all made out of Cowry Y steel. Cowry Y steel is a type of stainless steel which features:

  1. excellent hardness (HRC61-64 which is truly outstanding for stainless steel)
  2. long lasting blade sharpness
  3. superior finish and lustre
  4. little corrosiveness (superior to 440C)
Handling Cowry Y steel is a very difficult task, and Hara is the only knife designer in the world who manages to fully utilise the features of it. He has perfected his very original skill of extracting the unique colour that the Cowry Y steel produces.


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