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The most distinctive features of the Koji Harafs individually handcrafted knives are the outstanding and unique designs and beautiful finishes. For the past sixteen years, Hara has perfected his finishes using Cowry Y steel. It is these outstanding finishes to the blade surface that have attracted a lot of attention from American custom knife makers.

Koji Harafs custom knives feature elegant and highly refined design, and have been recognised by numerous international awards
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  • 1988: Born in Imari City in Saga prefecture on the Kyushu Island. Released the very first product though its design was an extension of R.W Leveless by Mr. Bob Leveless
  • 1991: Held his first eone man know showf which inspired him to work harder on his original design and concepts
  • 1994: Became a temporary member of American Knife makers Guild. At the same time released his original design known as eStep stonef outside Japan, and made is name at various knife makers shows in the USA. The design of the estep storef was influenced by his fellow country man Tanada, from Kyushu.
  • 1997: Became a formal member of American Knife makers Guild.
  • 1998: Established eHara Knife Housef in Seki-city (Seki is a heart of knife design and manufacturing). Started to receive an average of ten invitations annually to various knife shows in Europe, the USA, and most recently in Russia.
  • 2001: Released a very unique and original design which attracted an attention of knife lovers all over the world. This design concept, based on the image of bamboo, became a bloodstream of Koji Harafs later work, and has been widely loved throughout the world

    Shop ownerfs miscellaneous thoughtsc

    We are thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce Mr Harafs products in our shop. I have personally known Mr Hara prior to the time when he established his own studio and started his independent professional knife making activities. After I set up this custom knife shop, Knazis Knife, I approached Mr Hara and asked if I can display some of his work in our shop. Mr Hara willingly nominated Knazis knife to be the place to display his latest pieces/collection. Hence we are able to introduce Koji Harafs marvellous Folding Knives and Fixed-Blade Knives to you here.

    Although we started photographing his works since the summer of 2007, we quickly found ourselves constrained though having to align to Mr Harafs very tight schedule. To keep on top of the latest trends and styles all Mr Harafs overseas travel averages 10 to 15 times a year throughout the world. From the time he was able to give us, we are able to deliver a number of episodes relating to him and his work revealed for the first time.

    Koji Hara is constantly making new items, and our shop, Knazis, will be bringing his latest pieces to you as they are produced. Stay in touch!

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